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you may contact the communities administration via email at  admin@happypimpin.net

who are the communities administrators?
happypimpin currently operates under the control of 2 administrators: myself and W1CK3D. i can be identified as whore. any persons that would attempt to impersonate an administrator will be removed from the community.

is it possible for two administrators to manage such a community? absolutely, so long as the administrators are dedicated to the honesty and well-being of that community, which without doubt we are. even the 'haters' will tell ya: don't fuck around in hp. there's no tolerance for those that would abuse the community.

the administrations intent is apparent, but often forgotten by many players. any and all actions are done in the best intrest for the community: be it enforcement of community rules and policies, or edits to the games play. players oppose change, so much so that even minor changes have prompted some to leave. some return, some do not: no decided action will ever be undone by threats to 'quit'. as seen time and again, those opposed changes in fact bettered the community in the longer run. fear of change is not reason enough to refuse it: it's such change that has set happypimpin appart from the flood of communities in the genre. it should also be said that happypimpin has matured as a community to a point where change is only proposed when deemed neccessary: we have quite a list of changes we'ld like to make, but will not as they are not required. drastic changes to play and format are done so as independant communities.

many players often assume that messages left through the communities chat rooms, private messaging, or through the forums will be recieved: there's no way to be certain those messgaes will be seen in a timely matter (if at all), and messages left in the forums may go unnoticed for quite some time. it's for these reasons we insist all communication be directed through the communities provided email addresses.

3:20am Friday, Jun 14th, 2024
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