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about this guide.
recommended for all players, old and new. you an old school pimp? there are several games of this very same nature available online right now. in fact, this model was built to rival one in particular. many 'veteran' players have come to happypimpin believing they would be playing the same old game, using their same old strategies and methods. oh what surprises they have in store for them.... the idea was to offer pimps a better managed and more stable field of play. so ya think your gonna roll up in and run it like you think you know? guess again. one of the many reasons we decided to offer our version of pimpin is the well known and undeniable fact that each of those games are 'fixed'. the reason vets own the ranks is that they know the tricks and flaws in the games design. let's not even speak of the favortism, and the ignorance of management and administrations greed.

this guide is available for you to become familiar with the general topics of play. additional assistance can be found in the forums or chat (you'ld be surprised at how much you can learn by listening to people run their mouths in the chats...

about text based gaming.
these form of games are so depricated, yet they still thrive online. why? it's not about difficulty of play: once you understand any of them, they're all quite simple. developing them to be difficult is, well, pointless. so what is it? interaction. these games are communities. you'll make friends, or bring friends, and make twice as many enemies. the rounds go round and round and you'll find you spend many of them beating up the same people, the same crews... and then something odd happens: you find all your enemies are your friends. you're in the same crews, cause you know they can throw it down. and off you go taking care of your new enemies. round and round it goes. you'll log in and find you got beat down pretty bad and storm out screamin you quit, yet a few hours later you're back in rebuilding and looking for revenge. round and round it goes. and i want you to think of this: when you get built up again and you pass through that attack link to serve that revenge, or your crew is going to war, and you notice your fingers are moving faster than they have in years, and your heart is thumping in your chest, stop a second and think: this is depricated gaming style, right? it was supposed to be stupid, right? when you find yourself screaming trash across the boards and chat, promising revenge.... it's just a stupid game, right?
there's where it's at playa. interaction. if you where to skate through the game avoiding conflict and runnning away from aggressors, i promise you now, you'll have an extremely boring round. get in and own someone. new player all alone, don't know nobody? bring some buddies and take it on together, or just sit back: you'll surely find people to run with.

about happypimpin.
the engine designed by enve behind happypimpin was in fact not originally designed for a pimping game, however a series of events which occured between enve and the team of another pimping community prompted its application as such. make no mistake though, happypimpin is no clone! yes, many will note immediately that weapons and many features are the same. to build an enhanced model of the original, happypimpin was first built to mimic as much as possible. from their, everything changed....
the intent was and is to eliminate all the tricks and flaws of the others. many veteran players that come to happypimpin find themselves not gaining the ground they are so accustomed to easily taking, or trying to run a trick that might work elsewhere but leaves them in quite poor condition here. previous models in this style of gaming are each riddled with their tricks. the players you find in the top ranks elsewhere typicaly got there simply by knowing how to abuse what and when. not here. you want to take and hold the ranks? you're going to work for it. happypimpin was built to give the game back to the pimps. yes, the way you play will immediately relate to your position, but not by tricks.

about the rounds.
each official round lasts exactly 4 weeks (28 days). there are 4 rounds, all offeset by 1 week: a new one resets/begins every week. this offsetting ensures no matter when an account is created or returns, there's always a round in its first week of play. you may play as many rounds as you'ld like, but we caution you not to overwhelm yourselves! play only as many as your comfortable with. the rounds themselves are dubbed 'bling', 'bigpimpin', 'cream', and 'ghetto'. a quick look at the differences in these rounds: bling serves 5 turns every 10 minutes, with a max reserve usage of 5,000. bigpimpin serves up 10 turns every 10 minutes, with a 10,000 max in reserves. cream operates the same as bling, and the ghetto round serves a slower 2 turns every 10 minutes, max reserves to be applied of none!. the ghetto round will play as a tighter field, keepin pimps closer together, usually making for a more competitive game. (not saying any round isn't competitve, simply higher rates often make it easier for enemies to slip out of your range.)
beyond all rounds reserve caps, happypimpin may grant additional turns that are exclusively for that round. any reserve usage will automaticly pull from those free turns before accessing turns in your master account.

master accounts.
the master account simply serves as a global login and information point for any and all rounds you may be participating in. you'll find information such as the number of reserved turns your master account currently holds, the number of refered accounts and turns pending from those referals, and a variety of other statistical information. the master account also holds your reserved and primary character name. this name is reserved for your use alone: no identity theft so long as you operate as this name. you may join rounds as any name you choose (assuming it is not reserved, and is still available for that round), but your primary name will forever remain tied to this account.

the referral program.
get 1,000 turns credited to your master account reserves (and 500 to the account you refer) for each genuine account created from your referal link! you may note 'turns pending' in reference to some of those turns: these turns credit 14 days after the account has been created. this is in place to help eliminate abuse of the referal program, as well as allow the system ample time to filter bogus/abusive accounts out. please note that abuse of the referal program will lead to the removal of your account.

tick turns vs. reserved turns.
tick turns are the turns generated on all characters at the various rates (depending on the rounds set rate). these turns are capped: limitting the number of tick turns an account can build before stopping. (bling and cream are capped at 2,250, bigpimpin at 4,500, and ghetto at 900). reserved turns are additional turns that may be applied at any time, and the manner in which (and when) they are used is completely up to the player. these can be especially helpfull in rebuilding during conflict, or simply in making a strong run at your stables growth. there are countless strategies concerning the use of the reserved turns. how they are applied is something each player determines.

the role.
simple enough, you're a pimp, managing and expanding your stable of hoes and boys to handle the world that comes with it. the game moves and plays logicaly: the happier your stable the more it makes and grows. the more on the street, the more you get. the better equiped, the better to handle aggression.

how to play.
the games are tick based (x amt of turns every 10 minutes, depending on what round you're playing). you spend your turns running and defending your stable.
atop the regular turns of the game, you may apply a limitted number of 'reserved' turns to each round. these turns can be applied at anytime. they are not subject to the regular turns 'cap'.
this cap is in place to limit the number of tick turns your account can build before it stops (be sure to play at least once every other day, or your pimp starts missing out on turns!)

scouting for hoes.
right here is your primary non offensive action, and leading method to grow your stable. almost everything in your stable contributes to your worth, but the hoes are the basis of everything. the more hoes, the more ya make. other games have different locations for scouting, and you'll see we removed them here. that's one of the many ways that other games hand the ranks to the veterans. like we said above, if you're gonna take and hold the ranks here, it's gonna be work.

where's my money?
this action is much the same as scouting, however, you will not turn out new hoes! with your'e watchful eye on them, they'll turn up more cash. just remember, key to growth is the aquisition of more hoes!

cookin' up rock
set the boys down to do just that: cook some rock to keep the hoes addictions fed. the more thugs you got, the more rock they'll make. tip: a happier thug will produce more... tip2: if you only have a few thugs, do not use your turns cooking rock! you can buy rock off the local dealers. cooking rock with few thugs can lead to the situation where the hoes are smoking it faster than you can make it!

what to do about your cash.
spend it, playa, spend it. hit the stores up and get yourself some gear, or hire on more thugs. there is a banking option available (you can stash upto 5% of your stables worth in it), but we recommend you spend it! the idea is keep your pimp pimpin, not stocking for a rainy day. put that money into some guns or something! need some cash on the fly? weapons and lowriders can be pawned at 75% of their purchase price.

crack dealers!
in happypimpin, you have the option to sell your excess crack, or run as a crackhouse on the side. rock is bought and sold in units of 100 with the price per rock determined by the day of the round: it starts on day one at $5.00 rock per rock, then drops .15 each day until the end (last day is a .10 drop to a $1.00 bottom). the deals are random: when you purchase rock, if no dealers are available in your city, the game serves as you dealer. if there are dealers available, it 'takes turns' selecting the dealer. you will not know from who you are buying or to whom you are selling. thinking of dealing? careful how much you're selling: always keep enough aside to keep them hoes happy, or they might just go looking for a new stable.
crack dealing offline: not to worry. any cash generated from sales is held seperately from your cash on hand, and it adds to that cash on hand when you're active. if you're offline and sell a few million worth of rock, no invasion will take that from you (though any cash you had left on hand is vulnerable...)
have unsold rock at the end of the round? your dealers will bring you all unsold rock toward the end of the round (3 days before close of 14 day round | 5 days before close of 28 day round).

perhaps this is something you should learn on your own! there are several types of attacks all based off of the original model: you can invade (end your boys in guns ablaze to mow down those of another), driveby (if you have the rides, the option is available. drivebys typicaly lead to more damage), infest (give the opponents hoes some nasty std's. eats up their meds, and kills hoes if their meds run out!), tempting (using your crack to tempt unhappy hoes away from their stable, and into yours! or, smokin up their boys to tempt unhappy thugs to run with you. these kinds of attacks can be as deadly, if not more, than others if used in certain manner...), and finally jacking lowriders (available if the opponent has any rides to jack!). there is one more pair of attacks that are only available under certain conditions: mailbombs. mailbombs can only be used to revenge hits made by a player that has since moved. the two forms are box of rocks to the hoes, or literaly mailbomb their thugs. before we detail just how these work, note that if the attacks you are revenging did not kill any hoes, the box of rocks will do no damage! same with the thugs: if no thugs died in the attacks you are revenging, that bomb will dud! damages: the box of rocks to the hoes will function as an ordinary 'crackbomb', killing the whores that would have overdosed as well as any that might have left them due to poor happiness. the bomb at the boys: calculated like an ordinary invasion: the results will be the number of thugs you would have killed, minus the thugs you would have lost in the invasion. this means if the pimp is straonger than you, the bomb does zero damage. any cash that you might have stolen in an invasion will be burnt up in the flames. note that the mailbombs were applied to defend against suicide hit & run tactics.

attack limits and crime sprees.
each character is limited to 24 attacks in during a 24 hour period, and reduce themselve at the rate of 1 per hour. attacking others however is barely limited (currently hitting 100 attacks out will prompt you to reset that count), but we strongly caution excessive action; you're hoes don't like being part of such a hostile environment! both attacks in and out are weighed against their happiness. moderation may be in order... even with 'x' amount of attacks out with apparently happy hoes, what do you think will happen when someone lies another 24 attacks in on you?
crime sprees: in the event you have found yourself with an unhappy stable due to excessive fighting, or perhaps you found some enemies you just can't bring yourself to stop hitting, you have in each round a chance to reset your attacks out to 0 again! use it wisely, for you only get one free reset! additional resets are available, however they come at a price of 1,000 turns! you can use both tick turns and reserved turns for these purchased resets. on reset, your attacks in are not effected. every attack you make that is not a revenge itself can be revenged!

crews are simply a family, are group of pimps running with a common name, covering each others stables. mess with one member, you very well may be messing with them all. crews are limited in size (depending on round), their ranks both localy and round wide calculated by the sum of their members worth. should you run with a crew? that's completely up to you. running with one might bring on attacks from other crews at war with yours, but then again, who's gonna cover your ass when you're alone? pimps not in a crew often make for more appealing targets...
looking to start a crew? you can find a button at the top of the recruiting message board (to be moved as well to under options on the main screen soon). you must not be a member of any current crew to use this option.

there is no rule as to crews vowing not to attack each other (truces are legal), however, 2 or more crews attacking another in any form of coordinated effort is a form of what is called 'supering', as is forbidden! participating in any actions of this nature can lead to your accounts removal. additionally, any crew found to have participated in 'supering' will be disbanded, and if the leader is found to have had knowledge of the actions or participated in any way, they will be banned from the community. leaders share the resposibilty of keeping their crews honest. if your crew is subject to this form of abuse, contact admin@happypimpin.net for investigation. be sure to include as much information as possible.

note: you can only be a member of a crew once each round!
if you leave the crew, or are removed from the crew, you will not be able to rejoin it!

additions to the crews worths and rankings!
changes have been applied to help address the spreading tactic of last minute member swapping and 'false targeting' strategies. for full 28 days rounds, your crews worth is calculated as the sum of the members which joined in the first 23 days of the game: if a member is added or replaced in the last 5 days of play, their stable will not contribute towards the crews worth. for the 14 day rounds, members joining in the last 3 days will not contribute. a side effect: if you form your crew in those last few days, it will rest at a worth of 0.
some have and continue to argue those changes: let's face the facts: if in those last few days you still had not yet formed a concrete crew, you likely had no shot at taking the #1 crew spot. we agree that these measures were extreme, but they were taken to resolve the issue which played dangerously close to super-crewing. happypimpin was brought online to help deter and eliminate such behavior and lame tactics such as this.

message boards.
there are several different message boards available in the game. pop in and scream nothings, or scream at a pimp who needs checked. there's a local city board, available for use only by pimps in the same city as you, a national board, open to discussion with pimps round wide, a recruiting board for pimps lookin for crews, or leaders lookin for pimps (you can also find a button atop this board for starting a crew), a leaders only board, posting information on who started what crew, or who disbanned a crew, as well as leader only discussions, and then of course the crew boards. there are 2 boards for each crew: a members only board, for talk amoungst members, and each crew has a public board as well, where anyone can leave posts for the crew. make yourself known to the crew, tell em bout the damage you'll do to them (or for them if they let you in), or whatever. see who's chewin them up, etc...

the chat feature. (temp. disabled)
the chat is available on irc.happypimpin.com port 6667, or you're welcome to use the applet chat on site. there are several main rooms: the admin channel is for emergency use only, though we recommend sending issue to admin@happypimpin.net rather than posting there. the help channel is self explanitory. the main room for the game is happypimpin. you are free to register other rooms for your game use, such as crew channels. we stress that the entire feature of chat is an accessory! abuse of the chat will lead to your removal. rampant abuse could lead to the removal of the entire feature.

we stress again our lack of tolerance for abuse of any kind. those involved with managing the game have all been participants of sevreal communities for quite a long time: we've seen it all, hell some of us have done it all. rest assured we know where to look and what to look for. if your actions have not been clearly detailed as abuse but remain of a questionable nature, we suggest you speak with an admin before proceeding. should you need to report abuse, contact admin@happypimpin.net, and detail as much information as you can, and we'll look into it. we remind all that there is no single round account elimination: if your account is found abusive, it will be locked at the master account level. when administrative assistants are available, should one lock your account, you will be presented with an option to appeal that action to a primary administrator. you are warned though to speak to the administration in a civil tongue, leave your game face in the games. harassment of any admin or assistant will most certainly not end well. you're also reminded to be 100% truthfull when speaking to any admin or assistant: once found in any lie, no matter the degree, you can no longer be trusted, nor safely be left as a part of the community. all administrators act in the best intrest of the community. the task of successfully managing communities of this nature is often tedious, so to put it bluntly: don't waste our time. you'll find issues are resolved in a very timely manner. actions to hinder the administration are severly frowned on.
note: all accounts and site use is subject to the terms of use (click here to review them).

make no mistake that any attempt, be it simple DoS to attempts to gain any access to the servers, root or not, will be reported to the fbi for prosecution, and civil suit may be filed for damages. the server array was configured for performance while still offering a high level of stability. any actions to hinder that service constitutes a fiscal damage, and efforts will be taken for compensation.
further, any attempts to gain access to any account other than your own will lead to your removal from the community.
unauthorized attempts to gain access to the admins interface will also lead to your accounts removal.

have questions on a topic not covered in the current guide?
review the misc. q&a;, and if you still have no answers, ask. your questions will be answered, and a topic may be added to the guide to address the future questions of others.

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