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how to play happypimpin!
all too often new users 'give up' on their initial frustrations, etc.
this screen has been composed to help answer some of the questions you might have.
also note that the answers to many of your questions can be found in the games guide/q&a; screens under the 'help' link above.
you can often also find help in the forums and on the communities chat.

starting out.
starting your stable off from scrap is perhaps the most difficult part of the game (it gets easier as you go).
at the start your stable is small: cash comes slow and growth itself is slow, but the care and patience you show in the first few days may define the rest of the round for your character (think of it like investing: your actions and care or lack of will effect your end result and size).

the basics of a happy stable.
your hoes need 3 basic things for happiness, all based on the number of hoes you have: keep plenty of condoms around, lots of crackrock available, and meds! we've seen countless new players frustrated with their hoes happiness, and almost always it's the lack of meds! be certain to keep at least one med per hoe! we can not stress enough just how important hoe happiness is! the happier the hoe the more they make (let alone the fact that an unhappy hoes can leave you or be stolen from you!). condoms and meds can be purchased in the games dime store (behind the 'purchase' menu of the games default layout). crackrock has 2 sources: you can make it yourself, or purchase it from a local dealer. if you make rock yourself, the amount produced is determined by the number of thugs you have and their happiness! early in the game we recommend you purchase your rocks from a dealer instead (crack purchased from the 'purchase' menu will default to local dealers)
thug happiness:
even easier. keep em holding guns and keep them stoned (blunts can be purchased only in the games dime store).

happiness extended: the finer details.
hoe happiness has 2 other factors beyond those listed above: attention and excessive fighting.
for attention: the ladies like to know your attentions on them! if your thug:hoe ratio gets too high, they start to get a little upset! we do not publish the actual equation, but a little hint: if you have over 10 thugs for each hoe, start watching the happiness. the higher you push the thug:hoe ratio, the greater effect it will have on happiness.
fighting: watch your attack counts! every stable has a 24 attacks in cap (revenge exceptions exist, see the guide/q&a;). attacks out are basicly uncapped (game will stop you at 100 attacks out). remember that these attack counts drop at a rate of 1 every hour. your hoes can see how much fighting is going on, and if it gets out of hand they get pissed! again we will not publish the actual equation, but we'll offer you this: if you keep yourself under 36 attacks out, the effects typicaly will be very minimal. remember that attacks in on your stable count in these effects: you may sit with 0 attacks in and 50 out with little or no effect, but the moment you attacks in would begin to rise your hoes happiness will drop, and they may be stolen from you!
a finer detail in thug happiness: the guns. what kind of guns they carry can effect their happiness (bigger guns make them happier). many players from other communities have long known the trick: just carry extras of the lighter guns to override their effects: know that this will not work in happypimpin! the game takes the number of thugs you have, and then looks at that number of guns alone (obviously factoring your weapons in order of strongest to weakest). example: if you have 100 thugs with 10 ak47s and 200 pistols, the game will count the 10 aks and 90 pistols in calculating your thugs happiness.

starting to play, and the average day of play.
like we said, once you know how to keep your stable happy, actual play is insanely easy!
you'll spend the bulk of your turns 'scouting' (working the corners). the basics: happier hoes make more cash, and happier thugs will help you turn out more hoes. important: the more thugs you have, the more hoes you'll turn out! run most of your turns on the corners, and be sure to keep an eye on your supplies/items. if you're running low on rock, condoms, etc, immediately go to the shops to correct it! failure to address these basic needs can have damaging effects.

are you a whore?
a common term in the game is 'rankwhore', or 'whoring': it refers to a tactic/strategy of carrying as many thugs as you can, equiped with the lightest guns. why? as stated seconds ago, more thugs turn out more hoes. if you're spending your cash on the heavier guns, you have less cash available for hiring thugs. if you 'pistol pack' (equipinging your thugs with pistols alon: the lightest gun in the game) you have more cash for hiring thugs, and can then see better returns scouting. 'rankwhores' take the tactic to the extreme: they will pistol pack for almost the entire round. the danger in doing so is that with the lighter guns, your thugs can be killed with great ease (you're enjoying the higher returns scouting, but then suddenly your weak thugs are gone... hows your scouting look now?) on the opposite end of the stick, if you go heavy on the guns, your thugs will stand stronger and longer: perhaps not so easily destroyed, but the smaller thug count will see less scouting, and it will restrict just how far you can climb the ranks.
so what's the sure route? there is none: each player developes their own 'balance': to successfully climb the ranks everyone must whore to some degree. what degree is determined by them. how safe do you feel? what's your relation with the ranks surrounding you? are you someones target? even if not, random killing is frequent (kickin each other asses is a major aspect of the game). beyond this, many players have zero intrest in the ranks: they play for the sole purpose of messing up yours and other stables!

sound rediculous that politics would play a role in such a simple game? you'll find the higher you get in the ranks, the more critical your relationship with your surrounding players becomes! if you're considered a threat, you'll find everyone ahead of you will make an effort to make sure you stay behind. 'crews' become a key factor: is your crew tight? maybe being part of a well organized crew can protect you: top crews likely wont think twice about attacking rising pimps running it alone, or in weak crews, but if you're a part of a crew that may pose a threat of war with them, believe that they will often think twice! a common rule in any fighting/warring: no matter who wins the battle, everyone involved will have some degree of rebuilding to do. it's likely that the players in the upper ranks would very much like to stay there: having to scrap with you and your crew will damage their rank as well. even should they over power and outnumber you, while they battle their adversaries very well may rise above them. it's for these reasons that often the top players and crews of the games have 'no-hit' truces (btw, truces are legal! two crews joining forces to attack a third crew is strictly forbidden, however 2 crews agreeing not to attack each other is allowed: the game will not require any player or crew to hit someone else!)

still reading? good job. now here's some tips.
hoe payout. all the veteran players do the exact same thing. 99% of the time you'll spend your turns with your payout set at 1%. the effect is usually minimal on happiness and it's just more money you get to spend on items and thugs, etc. whenever you're done spending your turns, bump your payout back up to 99% to increase their happiness and better protect them from theft while you're offline.
turn clips: many games have 'sweet clips': certain paces to spend your turns for a better result per turn. happypimpin has none (as with thug counts effecting scouting returns: many games have set points at which returns increase: that's just an example of shitty programming. happypimpin has none: the rate is on a curve and steadily increases as thug count increases). so how many turns should you 'spin' at a time? honestly, 2 or 3 at a time if you have the patience. why? its a matter of the hoes you turned out in the first spin being put to work in the second spin. sounds like a trivial difference right? believe that the long term effect is often not as trivial as you might think.
lowriders: they have no effect on happiness in happypimpin! their sole role is in continental moves and drive by attacks. if you have a stock of lowriders in your stable we recommend you use them or lose them (all another player need do is kill off your thugs and then steal them from you!). beyond that a single lowrider can be a very useful tool: sending a single ride in a drive by attack on another stable wil certainly result in the deaths of the thugs on board, but you will get the oppurtunity to see what guns the targets thugs were equipped with! this is called a 'gun check'. again, very usefull information, but be careful as many see a guncheck as an act of war or a threat of pending war.
dealing: should you sell rock? sure why not (just be certain you're not selling all of it!). read the guide for more information on dealing. it is recommended that escpecially in the last few days of a rounds play, that you deal! why? other players may be trying to 'cycle' the dealers system, attempting to set the dealer from which they will buy, and use it to send cash, etc. we dropped a bit of a curve ball into the system recently to help destroy such actions. with the dearlers rotation system and this curve ball, if you are delaing rock and someone tries to feed another player, you very well may find you end up nabbing the cash instead!

take a moment to familiarize yourself with the game and its layout.
you'll find once you become comfortable and knowledgeable of the game and its play,
its extremely simple, yet can be very, very addicting. lol.

above all else, remember that it's just a game.
build your stable and whoop some ass!

2:16am Thursday, May 30th, 2024
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