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stimulus package
posted by enve 2:58 am October 15, 2022

i want pimps to be able to sign up and get right to business without feeling like they need to purchase credits. starting with only 500 credits can feel like an uphill battle, so we fixed that. all new pimps that sign up will start with 5k reserves. all our currently active pimps with less than 5k reserves were given 5k reserves to get them back in the ring and fighting.

new server who dis?
posted by enve 1:56 am February 19, 2022

welcome to the new server!

the new server is a breath of fresh air, and i'm excited to be here!
a couple things about the new server before we get into some update ya'll actually care about:
we'll probably have some bugs, we're still in beta stages so that is too be expected. please just report them and we'll get them squashed!

on to the good stuff:

jumper round! - you guys and gals asked for it (a long time ago) and it's finally here!
a basic rundown of the jumper round: it's a normal round EXCEPT your thugs will not leave you while scouting/disc/producing but they can be stolen!
that's the important part. they can be stolen. if you want to go gunless and supplyless, fine, you might be able to stock tons of thugs and as a result, get much more hoes, but be careful because someone might come along and snag them thugs from ya!

crew home cities - crews now have home cities. a crew's home city is the city it was formed in. the leader must remain in the crews home city. in order to join a crew, you must be in the crew's home city.

travel protection - if you travel to a new city, you won't be 'landed' in that new city until the ranks upgrade. during that travel time you can not be attacked or do any attacking.

bots buy crack - your crack that's been sitting on the market for too long shoulnd't have a problem selling now. i'm still working on a good way to allow pimps to pull their crack from the market. expect that soon.

look forward to seeing how everyone likes this jumper round! see you on the streets!

scoutin & slappin
posted by enve 1:38 am January 23, 2022

it's been a while since we've done an official update, but that doesn't mean I haven't been collecting info and planning!

i've been reviewing the scouting and slapping script and i've noticed that you can make an absurd amount of money by slapping hoes!

i've tweaked the scouting and slapping scripts in a few ways:

1. slapping is more efficient! not 'efficient' as in 'better' than scouting, but 'efficient' as in there are not magic numbers to slap.

2. hoe happiness affects how much you make when scouting and slapping. payout only affects scouting, not slapping.


4. slightly less cash per scout. this will be as a result of #2 above.

I think #2 is important because people who ride the thug:hoe ratio limit will be making slightly less cash while scouting, but more hoes. meanwhile pimps who have a lower thug:hoe ratio (like people who stock guns early) will be getting more cash per scout. when I say more and less i'm talking about 10-15% - not much.

i believe this will add another layer to the game. it's another thing to think about and have to take into consideration.

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