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this rule sheet is an extension of the sites terms of use, which can be reviewed by clicking here.

be aware that the rules and policies of the community are subject to change!
you should make it practice to occasionally review them!

not being aware of a rule does not excuse you from being held to the same standards as those who do.

actions taken on an account:
the administrations has the reserved right to act on any account at any time without explanation or reason. all actions are obviously taken with the interests of the community in mind. these action include, but certainly are not limited to: complete lock of the account, removal of posting rights, removal of messaging rights, removal of profile permissions, and banning from community accessories such as chat. be aware that happypimpin operates under a strict and fair administration, with absolutely no tolerance.

first and foremost:
the members of happypimpin are expected to behave with at least a hint of common sense!
just because an action is not explicitly detailed herein does not mean it may not be considered abusive.
if your course of action is questionable, we strongly recommend you consult an administrator before proceeding!

there is no single round removal!
actions taken against an account are applied community wide!
be aware that any account convicted of abuse of any kind is forbidden from returning after a lock is placed on their account. you have one chance here: once you demonstrate an ignorance towards the community and its policies, you are no longer welcome. should we find a returning account, it will again be locked, no matter the behavior since return. we've said it a thousand times: happypimpin has been presented for the honest pimps, and we'll do all in our power to protect them.

one account per member!
this is the number one violation, and perhaps the quickest to resolve. no matter of behavior, the moment we find any single member controlling more than one account, all accounts associated with that member will immediately be locked! this includes accessing another players account for any reason, or allowing anyone other than yourself to access yours no matter of their own status (or lack of) in the community.

third party programs/scripts
using outside programs, or plugins to give you an unfair advantage will result in account removal. this is including, but not limited to: teamviewer, running scripts against the site, macros, auto clickers, auto refreshers, or any automation software. please just use your fingers to play the game.

duplicate windows / duplicate sessions
duplicate browser windows for certain pages in hp have been disabled. in the spirit of fair play, limiting select game-play windows to one each, further discourages any unfair play.

multiple users / shared computers
yes, multiple users from a single location is permitted, but must adhere to specific policies concerning this. be certain to have reported the fact that you are using a shared computer! should your account come under investigation, either by report or random selection, and additional accounts are found without reporting the shared system, you can very easily be mistaken as a multi, and find your accounts locked! users from shared computers are forbidden from interacting! they should be either played in different 'cities', played inside the same crew, or played in different rounds entirely! you'll find we have measures in place to help deter risks of violation of these rules. if two accounts from a shared system act and behave in the fashions of a multi, we have no choice but to consider them as such. so long as they do not interact, you'll find you're quite safe from administrative actions.

pimp to pimp donations and/or consolidation
under no circumstances are you permitted to intentionally leave your character vulnerable for the purpose of transferring hoes, thugs, or money to another character! again, when accounts begin to behave in such a manner, the administration has no choice but to consider a multi risk! there is one exception to this rule, and even yet should be approached with caution: purchasing rock at an inflated price from a fellow crew member. please note it said fellow crew member: characters financing each other outside of their crews is forbidden, and may lead to action against your account.

attempts to access an account other than your own
not a common problem, but a serious one none the less. no member of the administration will ever ask you for your password! if anyone requests that information from you, report it to admin@happypimpin.net, or if in game messages, forward the message to the administration. if you are found having so much as asked another player for information to access their account, you will be locked.

quitters and the opportune hits against them
many players may join and find themselves not happy with their position in a round, or not happy with their performance in the games. if you opt to quit around, quietly walk away. do not broadcast the poor condition of your stable! if you are attacking a character that has quit a round, so long as they have not made the poor condition known, congratulations on your lucky find. however, if it is found that you had inside information to those opportune hits, be it from announcement on profile of the quitter or by messaging of any kind, again actions may be taken against your account. this can be related to the common sense rule: this sort of act is clearly not fair play.

bugs, and the abuse of
bugs should immediately be reported via the linkage in the games or by emailing admin@happypimpin.net. if your are found to have used a bug to your advantage, your account will certainly be locked. additionally, if you're found to have had a working knowledge of a bug and did not report it, it is also is considered to be abuse!

mischief in general
an extension of our policy on bugs, but directed more to those more likely to abuse them: happypimpin currently is operating 100% bug free to the best of our knowledge, however as features are added and/or enhanced, there exists the possibility of creating new ones. know that the engine behind the game was designed with our intentions of fairness in mind, and as such numerous 'traps' are in place to find risk members. mischievous behavior quite likely will result in the engine automatically locking your account or recording for an admins review. keep in mind there's not a form of abuse we haven't seen before, so we build to protect.

addressing the game
while attitudes are part of play, they are not for addressing the game's admins. if you turn against the admins or the game then your welcome in the community has expired. we've seen players removed not for play related issues, but for attitudes and defiance with games administration. hp has done well to remain one of the fairest communities in this genre, and to this day remains the most generous in rewards. we appreciate our players, but when any player, regardless of how long they've played or if they support or not, takes the attitude that they are somehow bigger than the game or bigger than answering to admins.... we're seeing players displaying this 'bigger than the game' attitude, and it's time the game corrects it. so here's the simple version: if you piss on the game or its admins, they're going to piss right back on you. the trend will end. the vast majority of players are quite happy with hp's policies and moderation: we have a casual little game rolling here. it's those few that think they're above the game that are generating these issues, and if it continues they will meet the same end as our examples have. final reminder: if an admin approaches you in efforts to resolve an issue, there is no questioning its validity. admins have the absolute right to question anything inside this community, and i strongly recommend you cooperate in resolving whatever the issue is. issues can be resolved or terminated, and a lack of cooperation warrants the later without doubt. if you're questioned: answer it. if you're warned: listen to it. anything less very likely will not end in your favor.

protesting, strikes, boycotts
at any point in time in hp's history, there has always been a group or player disgruntled, threatening to quit over any of a variety of reasons. we/I want this, or we/I won't play anymore. I have never, ever, payed any mind to such remarks, and I'm not about to start now. I will address the issues as they arise, and who will or will not approve of it is of little consequence.
there's really only one issue that arises in these situations: the disgruntled players start petitioning others to join them. players can bitch and complain all they want, but let others decide for themselves. when a player (or players) launch a campaign detrimental to the community as a whole... creative solutions time.
short version: when a player (or group of) puts themselves between the community and the rest of the players....
someone is going to get knocked the hell out. And yes, that comment was the warning shot.
one other aspect that you need keep in mind: if you approach me with 'do this, or I quit'... I'll consider 'this' with no regard to the 'or I quit'. If I disagree and don't do 'this'.... then quit or shut up. but if I do do 'this'... I'm not about to have players thinking such an approach is effective. I'll do it, and then boot you out. Is it right? probably not, but once you take that approach with me you'll likely find I'm not too concerned about it.

fight your own fights. the act of supering can best be described as coordinated attacks & cooperated efforts with members of another crew, or coercing another character to fight your fights for you, be it former crew members or friends in the games. note that crews are limited to 20 members. using players from outside of your crew to assist the crew if forbidden. truces (arrangements between crews to not hit each others members) are permitted! there is no rule that ever commands that you must attack another person or crew. another form of supering forbidden: posting of 'gun checks' or the results of attacks on any message board other than your private crew members board is not allowed, and will lead to the removal of your posting rights.

member swapping & false targets
last-second member swapping on top crews: warring with more or less false target members, knowing well that in the last moments of the game they would drop the then low/weak players to import larger ones from other cities, etc. this action plays dangerously close on supering, and has been the topic of much debate. since it has become a common tactic of many crews, which is frankly disguesting (i personaly would love nothing more than to slap every person that has participated in this behavior). it has gone from a questionable behavior to more or less blatent abuse of the system. many approaches to solving this issue have been discussed, each with its own cons and vulnerabilities. any member that joins your crew inside of the last 5 days (3 days in bp/jumper) of the game will not be counted towards the crews worth. some will argue that this will only forward this behavior, that they will swap members days ahead now. lets point out that dropping the low man for a bigger player is common place, and not entirely illegal. the issue has become of when its occuring, the false target applications, etc.

in a text based game, your words can carry a lot of weight. it is best to think of the use of the communities various message boards and messaging options as a granted right: a right that can easily and quickly be removed. 'trash talk' is a big part of the game, and the administration will not act against foul language. this is why you'll find the ignore options on these boards and message action. if you find another player offensive, simply ignore him. the communication that will lead to actions is any racial commentary or threats, be it of physical or electronic nature. emotions can run high inside the games. so long as your threats are at the person as a character, and not the person themselves, your rights will remain intact. additionally, you'll find that unlike countless other communities, we do not filter posts.

civil communication
you can threaten other characters all day long. talk all the smack you want, but we strongly recommend you step back a moment when your comments are turned towards the person themselves. this behavior will not be tolerated. it's understood that in most cases the comments were more casual, jokes even, with no actual intent to deliver on the comments. this doesn't matter. if the party on the receiving end of the remark feels threatened by it, and reports the comments, you may find yourself removed from the community. why? because there are a lot of seriously screwed up people out there, and it's our recommendation that those receiving the threats take such seriously. without names, let me make example of a recent one in where a member of the players family was the target of the remark. 'why risk it' is the attitude in such comments. so again make note that if you threaten another member's person, family, etc, expect to be removed. the admins role is not only to moderate play, but to protect the members of the community. there has forever been note of this behavior in the game's rules and terms: now we're going to enforce it. if you make such remark to a player, and the player presents it to abuse, end of story. this is a game people! if you are getting so frustrated that you need resort to terroristic remark, then it's clear that you're either not mature enough for the game, or that you honestly are a threat.

slinging accusations
we will no longer tolerate the posting of acusations over public features such as message boards. your accusations must be directed to the administration to be confirmed or denied. those persons that continue to press their accusations without properly addressing them will first be muted in the community, and later risk being locked themselves. why? because, people are simply tired of listening to the bitching, and when its unconfirmed/unfounded accusations being spread, well i am tired of it as well. many have forgotten that you're to make the other pimps your bitch, not be a bitch. it's simply a suggestion that you take a moment to step back and look at your own behavior. those needing an attitude check should be able to realize this themselves, and perhaps it's time to rethink your style. if you disagree with with our position on this issue, we thank you for playing happypimpin, but your presence is no longer desired.

profile & media content
your profile is your face in the game. we currently allow jpg, gif, png, and swf format media in profile & crew screens. a simple rule is r rated content at worst. absolutely no pornographic material is permitted! a little 't&a;' is fine, but don't cross the line, or you'll find your abilities to customize your profile removed. homepages: links to noncommercial sites only. further, your profile comments are bound by the above policies on communications.

your right to appeal
aside from automated actions by the engine itself, when an account is locked, an email will be sent to the address on file within the account. this email will include reference information for your accounts review. if you wish to appeal the actions taken on your account, reply to this email (with the reference information intact), detailing the situation, and why you feel a primary administrator should overrule these actions. appeals received without this reference information (if applicable), or received from an email other than that which is on file, will be ignored. your right to appeal also applies to the revocation of communication and profile rights. all communication concerning abuse should be directed to admin@happypimpin.net

4:50am Friday, Jun 14th, 2024
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