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what is happypimpin?

the latest in the genre of pimp theme gaming, built by enve to address the flaws of it's predecessors. the goal was to give the game back to the pimps, which it has. the tricks, the cheats, and the playing 'favorites' have all been removed. the game is again in the hands of the players. you'll play the role of pimp, try to expand your stable and power. the games play extremely easy, so what's the challenge? you'll find out when your pimps begin to interact... we welcome you, and encourage you to give it a try!

about text based gaming in general.

these form of games are so deprecated, yet they still thrive online. why? it's not about difficulty of play: once you understand any of them, they're all quite simple. developing them to be difficult is, well, pointless. so what is it? interaction. these games are communities. you'll make friends, or bring friends, and make twice as many enemies. the rounds go round and round and you'll find you spend many of them beating up the same people, the same crews... and then something odd happens: you find all your enemies are your friends. you're in the same crews, cause you know they can throw it down. and off you go taking care of your new enemies. round and round it goes. you'll log in and find you got beat down pretty bad and storm out screaming you quit, yet a few hours later you're back in rebuilding and looking for revenge. round and round it goes. and i want you to think of this: when you get built up again and you pass through that attack link to serve that revenge, or your crew is going to war, and you notice your fingers are moving faster than they have in years, and your heart is thumping in your chest, stop a second and think: this is deprecated gaming style, right? it was supposed to be stupid, right? when you find yourself screaming trash across the boards and chat, promising revenge.... it's just a stupid game, right?

there's where it's at playa. interaction. if you where to skate through the game avoiding conflict and running away from aggressors, i promise you now, you'll have an extremely boring round. get in and own someone. new player all alone, don't know nobody? bring some buddies and take it on together, or just sit back: you'll surely find people to run with.

What's going on inside happypimpin?
In the currently open rounds, 250 stables are working
15,052,377 hoes with over 58,209,292 thugs.
Total worth over $72,288,275,507!

4:05am Friday, Jun 14th, 2024
happypimpin © enve